Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I need an engagement session? 

Your wedding photos will capture your love on one very specific (amazing, whirlwind) day. Engagement photos capture who you are together, how you make each other laugh, your unique and authentic relationship. There will never be another time like this moment at the very beginning of your love story, when you've just decided to spend the rest of your lives together. That's a pretty big deal. We should definitely get some photos of that.

Family photos

YES! When else will all of the people you love most in the world be in one place at one time and looking their fanciest? Long before your wedding day, we'll talk about what's important to you and put together a family shot list so that on the wedding day, you can relax and stand there looking beautiful while I take care of wrangling your family and get everyone back to enjoying themselves as quickly as possible. 


What's a first look? Should I have one? 

A first look is when the two of you choose to see each other before the ceremony.  It can be a really beautiful and special moment for the two of you to connect, take a deep breath, and enjoy each other before you say "I do".  Sometimes it's the only alone time you'll get all day, so I make sure to shoot from a distance and let you really experience the moment. 

If you do decide to have a first look, we'll also use that time to shoot some portraits of the two of you, and if time allows, your bridal party and family formals, so that after the ceremony, you can get right to enjoying your cocktail hour and guests. 

There are lots of really great reasons to have a first look, but it's not for everyone, and I won't pressure you either way.  If you choose to wait until the ceremony to see each other, remember to think about the sunset time on the day of your wedding and plan your ceremony time accordingly if it's important to you to have photos outdoors or in natural light.  

Unplugged ceremony? 

I hate having my photo taken. 

Oh, honey. ME TOO.  And guess how many times a client has said to me "OHMYGOSH I can't wait to have my picture taken I am SO photogenic!"  ZERO, dude. Zip, zilch, never ever ever. So at least you're in good company. 

But here's the thing. 

You're going to love your photos. Pinky swear it. Because the secret to creating beautiful images of you and your partner is giving you the space to be yourselves. We take the time to get to know each other long before your wedding day so that I know who you are as a couple and what makes your love story unique.  




Truth bomb time. Your wedding day will not (and should not) be Pinterest perfect. It will be a real, crazy, beautiful day filled with a crazy amount of emotion and love. I've photographed hundreds of weddings, and each one has been different. 






You: Do I really need an engagement session?

Me: YES!

You: But we’ll have so many awesome wedding photos, why do we need even more photos of the two of us? 

Me: Good point, friend. You WILL have so many amazing wedding photos to choose from. And while your wedding images will capture your love on one very specific (amazing, whirlwind) day, your engagement photos will capture who you really are as a couple every day : the way you make each other laugh, your unique  and authentic relationship. Who you are together when you’re snuggling on the couch.


You: But I hate having my photo taken! Why would I sign up to do it an extra time?

Me : Oh, goodness. ME TOO. And guess how many times a client has said to me "OHMYGOSH I can't wait to have my picture taken I am SO photogenic!"  ZERO, dude. Zip, zilch, never ever ever. So at least you're in good company.

But here’s the good news:


You are going to love these photos. And you're going to have an amazing time taking them, too. Pinky promise.


I make it my top priority to do everything I can to be sure that you’re having an amazing time during your photo session. My

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