A few days before my outdoor wedding, the weather forecast was making it pretty clear that it was going to rain on my wedding day. After years of planning, making every last detail perfect, I have to admit that I was pretty bummed, but I was most upset that I thought we wouldn't get good pictures. I could not have been more wrong. Jen and her shooting partner totally embraced the rain with us, and we got tons of amazing shots. Our groomsmen getting blown away by their umbrellas? Check. Romantic kissing in the dark and rain pictures? Check. She captured the love and fun of the night perfectly, we could not have asked for a better photographer!

Jen + Dave

Jen was quick at answering all of our questions when we were planning our wedding (so many emails we sent her!) and was very thorough throughout the whole day. She had some great pointers about how to formulate portraits and was so great at keeping us focused! I got so flustered during the weekend with everything we had to do and it was great having her there to remind us what we wanted (thank you, Jen!). She was kind, efficient, hilarious, and a great fit to our party.

Ashley + Mi


Jen grabbed Nicky and I for some shots of just the two of us as the sun began to set. I was grateful to get to spend some time with Nicky, holding hands and goofing off. Jen's a delightful person, so it never felt like an intrusion on some special moments I had with Nicky. It didn't feel like we were posing just to have a photo; they really were wonderful moments with my new wife.

Later as we went through the photos I found myself saying "when did she even take this?" To me, much of her skill was in the way she was able to let our day flow on its own and never interrupt. 

I couldn't be happier with our photos. We look at them all together often, and I'm transported back.

Stu + Nicky

There were honestly too many good photos to choose from for framing; our posed pictures are amazing, we look relaxed, happy and in love (which is how we felt) instead of feeling awkward!

  Michelle + Adam


Jen was fantastic from start to finish. From the day we met over coffee, we felt totally comfortable with her and knew we were in good hands. Our engagement shoot was outdoors in 15 degree weather, and she still managed to stay upbeat and keep us laughing.

Our wedding was totally DIY and a bit disorganized at times, but Jen came prepared and knew how to keep things light when it could have felt hectic.

In addition to her wonderful personality and professionalism, she also has incredible talent. She has an amazing eye for light, color, and composition, and both the portraits and candids were beautiful.Almost a year later I still flip through the photos whenever I want to relive the day, and I know we will cherish our photos for the rest of our lives.

Melissa + Alex


My husband and I are both pretty camera shy, and Jen made the experience so enjoyable. She was so friendly and encouraging, and found the right balance between making suggestions and stepping back and just letting things flow naturally.

Stacey + Michael

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