New England wedding photographer

Providence College Proposal | Shelby + Andrew

When Andrew contacted me to ask about photographing his proposal to Shelby, I just about lost it with excitement. The two of them met at Providence College, and were returning for an alumni weekend visit with friends and a Friars basketball game - or so Shelby thought. Andrew and I were in constant contact via text on the morning of (he put me in his phone as "Jeff" just to throw Shelby off the trail), and he let us know exactly when we should expect them to come walking down the path that he had chosen for the big surprise. Meanwhile, my second shooter Liz and I were crouching behind parked cars and trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Nothing to see here, folks!! 


When the moment came, we ran out and started snapping away. I had been afraid that we'd be a distraction in the moment, so we were sure to stay far back, but we didn't need to worry, because when Andrew got down on one knee and pulled out that gorgeous ring, Shelby had total tunnel vision. Andrew pointed us out a few moments later and she was in total shock that he had been able to pull the whole thing off. She kept saying, "But you're terrible at secrets!!"


See that hiked up pant leg? That's where Andrew had been hiding the ring all morning. To be sure it would stay put, he did a practice run and wore it all day at work the week before. This guy was prepared.


In the week leading up to the big moment, Andrew called me just about every day to talk over the details. Later on, he told me that he had been bursting with the secret and just really needed to talk to someone who knew what was going on.

Shelby gets a look at the ring for the first time. It's a goooooood one. Well done, Andrew.

After a few excited phone calls, we headed out for a walk around the PC campus to some of Andrew & Shelby's favorite spots.

I had been out to the PC campus earlier in the week to check out some possible photo locations, and my three year old was so excited when we got to Harkins Hall. He kept yelling "Mommy, its a castle!!" It is pretty Hogwarts-ish (Hogwartty?) 


I'm only photographing proposals for the rest of my life. Seriously, I don't think I've ever had an easier time getting a couple to laugh and smile. These two were just so excited. How amazing for them to have these images to look at years down the road. Can you imagine having photos like this of your parents or grandparents? Sigh. I love what I do.


These two are just the sweetest. Shelby, you have the best smile.


About halfway through campus, Shelby's friends found us and rushed over for hugs and congratulations.


A few more phone calls to show of that rock.


The two of them met during their freshman year on a bus trip, so when we saw this, we had to stop for a few snuggles.


Honestly, this was so ridiculously fun and one of the best things I've ever photographed. If you're thinking of proposing to your person, get in touch! Or just start leaving your browser open to this blog page like hint, hint!

Andrew, you are a gem. I am so glad that you got in touch to plan this. It was an honor to be a part of such an amazing moment, and a total joy to photograph you both. The two of you are so lovely - you were made for each other!


Columbus Theater Providence Wedding | Heather + Lisa

Heather and Lisa’s wedding day was an amazing, joy-filled celebration of love, filled with personal details. I asked the two of them to answer a few questions about their day, and their answers are peppered in below with their photos.

How cute is Heather’s gram getting her makeup done?

We chose to do the first look moment on the roof of the Biltmore Hotel where Heather & Lisa did their getting ready. It was an amazing spot with a view of the whole Providence skyline.


Their first look had allllll the feels. So much laughter and happy tears.

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

From the couple: This is hard to pick, because we had so many great moments, but… drumroll please: Both of us absolutely loved the first look (and Jen was right about it too)! Heather says she wasn’t completely sold on the idea of a first look, because she always thought you were supposed to have that moment at the ceremony. It made us slow down and get a few moments together, just the two of us, to really see each other and have a moment to reflect before getting married. Also per Heather, the first look allowed her not to ruin her makeup before the ceremony in front of hundreds of people because she got to touch it up in between.”

Heather trying so hard not to ruin her makeup makes me laugh every time.

The wedding ceremony was on stage at the amazing Columbus Theater. Lisa and Heather are in a band together, so it was fitting that they said their vows on stage like the true rock stars that they are.


What was the funniest moment on your wedding day?

From Heather: “Funniest and most horrifying was when I realized that the microphone at the ceremony, which I was warned picks up everything, actually… picked up everything. So, the whispered conversation with the officiant about when it was my turn got picked up and projected to the entire crowd, which I discovered when they all started laughing.”


Everyone should have a marquee like this on their wedding day. Love!

The reception was held at the Sandywoods Center for the Arts in Tiverton, RI.


Best wedding day decision?

From the couple: “Making the wedding be “ours.” It felt comfortable and fitting with our personalities, and our decisions really worked out for the best. We feel strongly that everything really represented us, and in doing so, a lot of guests approached us to let us know that the wedding felt really authentic because so many details were so typical of us. From walking down the aisle to a rock song, to changing out of our heels into Converse for the reception, we added the details that made it feel personal and fun.”


Any advice for future couples?
”No matter what budget you have, make room for a wedding coordinator who can help you, especially on your wedding day. Even if it’s a friend of a friend who is super organized, having someone to deal with putting out fires on your wedding day allows you to have the space to enjoy your day and to be more present. (Danielle Izzi is AMAZING and highly recommended!). Also, investing in a good photographer is the best way to capture all of the amazing moments you might forget or not get to see. The day goes by so fast, and having that available to look back on is priceless. More generally, talk about what is the most important to you and make sure you do the work to have those parts of your wedding covered”

Heather & Lisa, your wedding day was such a total joy to be a part of! XO

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Destination Wedding | Liz + Christian

Oof, this wedding gets me right in the feels. Liz and I met in the third grade, so believe me when I tell you that she is the most lovely person inside and out, kind, brilliantly smart, and totally fearless. Girlfriend has a PhD in entomology. Yep, she's a doctor of BUGS.  (I mean, yuck, but I'm still impressed.) She's the total package, and I am so happy that she met Christian, who's her perfect match in every way. I was so honored when they asked me to come down to Maryland to photograph their wedding. 


Double checking that shave, gotta be sure it's juuuust right. 


Check out that perfect Don Draper hair on Christian, and those dimples for days. I mean, come on. The two of them made my job way too easy. 


We stepped outside for some photos during that amazing sunset over Chesapeake Bay. It was my first time to Maryland and I am a fan. If you're planning a wedding in MD and reading this, call me, I travel! 


It was about a million billion percent humidity, and you'd never know it to look at these lovebirds. Cool as cucumbers. I on the other had did not fare so well. I'll spare you the photographic evidence. 


They're both Star Wars fans (Liz once dressed up in a ridiculously accurate homemade Queen Amidala costume for a dance at our summer camp), so we ran outside right before the end of the night and took the shot below in about thirty seconds.


Liz and Chris, I just adore you both, thanks for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day! XO 


Venue | Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Flowers | Michael Designs Florist

Hair & Makeup | JKW Beauty 

Music | Dan McGuire Group

Cake | Fiona's by the Cake Faerie

Dress | Miosa Bride

Groomsmen ties | Knotty Tie Company

Shining Tides Mattapoisett Wedding | Lauren + Ryan

Lauren & Ryan's wedding day was just epic. It was one of the most beautiful and emotional days that I've had the honor of being a part of. There were so many happy tears for these high school sweethearts as they tied the knot at Shining Tides in Mattapoisett. 


Lauren & her ladies spent the morning getting ready at the AirBnB above Cork restaurant in Downtown New Bedford, and it was stunningly beautiful! 


I just love this sweet moment when Lauren's dad was overcome with emotion seeing her for the first time. He had me in tears all day long. 

The first part of the day it was pouring rain, but everyone was awesome about braving the weather for portraits before the ceremony. 

Confession: I actually love rainy weddings because of images like the ones below. I know no one wants rain on their wedding day, but it can be so much fun! 


Because of the rain, we weren't sure whether the ceremony would be outside by the water as originally planned, but the skies cleared just as the guests were arriving. 


My favorite thing about the image below? Lauren's brother hiding in the background wiping away tears. He did such a beautiful job as their wedding officiant. 


Right as the ceremony ended, a big beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky! 


These were some of the best wedding toasts I've ever heard, and I hear a LOT of toasts. Funny, emotional, and heartfelt, every one of them. Even I was crying behind my camera. 


Same, Lauren. Same. 


The couple had requested a photo with the school bus that they had hired to shuttle their guests, bu by the end of the night, the rain was coming down again. We ran out and made it happen! 


Lauren & Ryan, your wedding just blew me away, I enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks for trusting me with your memories. XO 


Venue | Shining Tides

Catering | Russell Morin

Flowers | Jim Meyers 

Cake | Pinkbox Desserts

DJ | Beat Train Productions

Lighting Design | Lightworks Productions

Hair & Makeup | Katelyn Webb Beauty